Caren Christie MSc

My Qualifications

I became a qualified person centred counsellor in 2014, when I completed the Post Graduate Diploma and then further qualified with a Master of Science (MSc)  specialising in relational depth in 2016 at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.  I am a registered member of BACP and adhere to the ethical framework for counselling professions, I am also fully insured.

As a competent therapist I am committed to continual professional development to ensure I keep current and up to date with developments in my field, below are some of the areas I have additionally qualified in:

  • Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Couples Counselling 
  • Working with Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in care.

Clinical Experience 

I began working for a year with a charity offering support to individuals touched by life limiting illness supporting clients and their families adapting to the circumstances of illness, grief and loss.

I also have worked for two and a half years with a charity offering support to adults of childhood sexual abuse within care.  This work was long term open ended sessions due to delicate nature and support required.  I have extensive knowledge and specialised experience within the field of childhood sexual abuse and understand how hard it can be to take that first step to talking about it, with that in mind, I can adapt my way of working to aid your first steps into therapy and work with you to support your needs each step of the way.

Person Centred Counselling & What I Offer

Person centred counselling is a branch of humanistic therapy, and was developed by Carl Rogers who believed that as individuals we ourselves have the capacity to know what is right for us, and will find the best and right way forward if we have the ability to do this within a therapeutic relationship offering the core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard (acceptance) , and congruence (realness) .


Which means that the therapeutic relationship is key to the approach, in the way I relate and interact with you.  In this modern world it is normal for us to seek guidance and expert advice outside of ourselves and maybe even sometimes we don’t ask for others advice but seem to be plagued by others thoughts and opinions about what is right for us.  Coming into an environment in therapy that is just for you, in which you receive non-judgemental, genuine and safe space to talk about how you feel and what matters to you enables you to make changes or to follow a path that is right for you.

Some clients feel isolated when thinking about really opening up and being honest about their feelings and expressing how they really feel, it is much easier to do this with an impartial professional therapist.  Therapy involves talking about life events, feelings emotions relationships and patterns of behaviour.  I will listen, encourage, empathise and challenge to help you see issues more clearly or in a different way which facilitates growth and change.

What I don’t offer…

I won’t offer advice or tell you what to do, my core belief is that no one is more expert on your life that you are.